Thursday, January 10, 2013

How To Resume Downloads from File Sharing Sites with Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Many people here on GDY asked me on how to resume downloading large files with Internet Download Manager (IDM); Reasons being low bandwidth speed, sudden power failure, etc..

Internet download Manager does not support 'Resume' option for file sharing sites (such as mediafire, rapidshare etc..) if you're using them as a free member or without membership. It gets really frustrating when your download is almost finished but due to low connection or some other reason, you might have to restart the download again from the beginning. Well not to worry folks, here's the easy solution to download large files in pieces:

1. In Internet Download Manager window, right click on the file you want to Resume, then click on 'Refresh Download Address'

a window will pop up with message like this.

click on OK.
Your browser will then load the download page

3. Click on the download link and IDM will capture the address, then again a window will come up like this.

If IDM cannot capture the address, right click on the download address, click copy link address to copy the link to the clipboard, then IDM will automatically copy the download address.
then Click resume to resume the download.

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