Saturday, December 15, 2012

Grand Theft Auto:GTA Vice City Cheats+Guide for Android

Download Grand Theft Auto:GTA Vice City Cheats+Guide for Android phones

Use these cheat codes and take the full advantage of GTA Vice City on your android phone. This post will provide you all the tools and instructions to apply those cheat codes to this game.

Just follow these simple steps:
1) Download and install GameKeyboard Apk
2) Open GameKeyboard and Close it.
3) Launch the game and Open the Recent Apps [Long Press the center button], choose GameKeyboard.
4) In the GameKeyboard tap the last option named 'Exit and Open Keyboard'. The keyboard will popup. Now input the cheat codes and enjoy!
These Cheat Codes are provided by RoyalGamer.

GTA Vice City Android Cheat Codes:

aspirine --------------------------Max health

canttakeitanymore -----------Suicide

thugstools ----------------------Thug Weapons

professionaltools -------------Professional weapons

nuttertools ---------------------Heavy weapons

preciousprotection -----------Full armor

youwon'ttakemealive -------Increase wanted level

leavemealone -----------------Decrease wanted level

Panzer --------------------------Tank

Kangaroo-----------------------High Jump 

Download The latest updated game from this link: Grand Theft Auto:GTA Vice City v1.02 full apk +SD DATA

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